Kittenish Kinda Day

Since my weekly favorites for this week were All Things Jessie I thought it would be a good idea to buy a ticket to the Jessie James Decker popup showroom for her clothing line Kittenish. I attended this event with my cousin and my best friend in Brooklyn, New York.

This event was put together with such thought and detail. Everything was perfect and beautiful from the clothes and the meet and greet to the napkins and the cake pops. My absolute favorite thing that they created was the wall in the picture above. They decorated it with artificial grass for the background and decorated letters with flowers to spell out their brand name. It looked gorgeous.

Jessie and her team also made it fun for her fans. When you walked in there was a backdrop with Kittenish written all over it and a 5 foot teddy bear right infront of it which was set up like a Photo Booth so you and your friends can take pictures with the teddy bear and save the pictures for memories!

Another touch that they included was a refreshment table. On this table were pink and white cake pops with gold glitter on top, water with a kittenish sticker on them, chocolate chip cookies, Onli sparkling beverages, candy, flowers, and napkins that had “Love Always, Kittenish” on them. The signature on the napkins really made me appreciate how much effort the whole team put into this one day because not everyone thinks of the little things.

For my outfit I decided to wear my “Odessa” black knee high boots from Steve Madden (despite the snow), light ripped jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch Kids, a navy blue cashmere V-neck sweater from Express, and a black strappy bralette from Express as well.

While I was there I decided to treat myself to a “lounge outfit” and an oversized 87 T-shirt. The material is amazing on both items and they are perfect for a lazy day. Also, when I arrived they were handing out totes filled with goodies such as sticker, candy, a $10.00 gift card, and a letter from Jessie herself!


Below are some pictures of my day:


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