Pocket Perfect

During the cold months, scarfs are one of my favorite items to pair with my outfit everyday. Not only is this scarf big, fluffy, and the perfect colors but it also has POCKETS.

During winter break my family and I took a trip up to Boston for New Years Eve. Of course, while I was there for 5 days I was going through retail withdrawals so we decided to head over to Newbury Street. For anyone who hasn’t gotten the chance to go to Boston , Newbury Street is the best place to be if you’re all about fashion. They have a ton of stores, coffee shops and places to grab a quick bite to eat.

While we were walking down Newbury we came across a Francesca’s boutique so by nature we had to stop in (and boy was I happy we did). Instantly my eyes gravitated towards the scarf shelf and I started to rummage through. I picked this scarf up (not realizing it had pockets) and debated whether to get it or not. After I decided not to get it, one of the sales associates came up to me and said,”I know you put the scarf back but I just wanted to point out this scarf has pockets I don’t know if you noticed them” and my response was NEVERMIND, SOLD!

This was one of my best purchases so far this winter. The pockets are perfect to store your phone, keys, and of course to keep your hands warm. It was $26.00 but worth every penny. Personally, I love wearing this scarf when I wear my grey Heritage Sherpa Lined Parka from Hollister because it is the perfect color combination!



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