Basic Necessity

If you have skinny legs just like me then your dreams consist of finding boots and especially over-the-knee boots that fit your legs nicely. Well, ladies, Steve Madden has answered our prayers!

Steve Madden has created the “Odessa” Flat Thigh High Boot. This boot comes in Black and Nude and they are everything you dreamed of and more; comfortable, soft, skinny around the leg and thigh, tall, classy and sleek. I truly cannot recommend this boot enough.

I literally wear these boots almost everyday. It is so easy to pair them with any look that you are trying to achieve. I usually wear them with jeans and a sweater or even a sweatshirt sometimes. Not only can you wear these boots with your everyday outfit but you can also wear them with dresses or rompers as well.

If you take my advice and treat yourself to these awesome boots I would also recommend purchasing Steve Madden Suede and Nubuck Aquatec shoe care spray. You spray your shoes 24 hours before you wear them for the first time and it protects them from any dirt and damage. Suede is a tough material to maintain so this spray gives you a hand! I spray mine about once a week (because I’m a nut when it comes to my shoes) and as you can see in the picture they still look brand new 3 months later.




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