Mantra Band

My favorite item this week is the Mantra Band my boyfriend got me for Valentine’s Day. I am not a bracelet person in general but I happen to really love these. They all are so thin and go with everything. Each bracelet comes in either Silver, Yellow gold, or Rose gold. What sets Mantra Bands apart from other thin bracelets is the fact that they all come with a saying of your choice on them along with a card attached to them explaining the saying which gives it a more personal feeling.

The saying my boyfriend chose for me is  “Infinite Love”. The card attached read, ” Love is the only universal truth; Love is simple, it needs no explanation. Love is unconditional, complete, and free. Love is kindness. Love is compassion. Love is strength that can move mountains. Let this bracelet be a reminder that you are loved wholly, truly, and infinitely.” ( I know corny but so so so cute)

Along with this bracelet he also got me flowers, candy, a Victoria Secret sweatshirt, a Victoria Secret water bottle, bottle opener sunglasses from Victoria Secret and took me out to dinner ♥



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