Stripes and Roses

One of the biggest trends right now are roses on clothing so naturally I had to join in!

Pictured are black jeans from Garage, black heels I bought from Steve Madden, and a Boho style black and white striped shirt with rose details from a boutique in Staten Island called A Very Chic Boutique (if you do not live close to Staten Island then their website is a great alternative where you can find all of their favorite picks). My favorite part of this shirt are the sleeves! By designing the sleeves the way they did, it created a unique touch and allowed for it to stand out a bit among all the other shirts that have roses on them.

You can wear this outfit to almost anything by either dressing it up or down. You can achieve this by simply changing your shoes. Personally in the picture I chose to dress the outfit up by picking heels, however, you can easily wear black boots or nude flats to dress this outfit down a little which allows you to wear this to lunch in the City or even brunch on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

FYI: Even though I do not have them myself, Steve Madden has many options of shoes with roses on them that you can pair with this outfit as well or any outfit of your choice! Links are provided below.

Edition    Truthful    Envious    Even    Garden






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