Mermaid Wannabe

Every girl wants to be a Mermaid at some point in her life and I finally got a step closer to being one! What’s better than a cozy blanket and a Mermaid tail all wrapped into one!? I received this blanket as a gift and it was one of my favorites.

This blanket is the perfect gift for any girl of any age who dreams of being a Mermaid someday. You can find a variety of these on Etsy or Amazon but personally mine is from They are inexpensive and hand-made. They are Crochet and come in various different colors too; I have navy and grey 🙂

I like mine to be a little roomy so I got the large. It is sewn together half way up the back and has a hole for your feet to fit through with enough of extra fabric on the top that you can wrap your shoulders in it.

In my opinion this blanket is light enough that you can wear it all year around which really allows you to get your moneys worth out of it. I would definitely recommend trying this item!! Please leave a comment below if you have one already or if you decided to try it out for yourself.




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