Bodysuit Beauty

Lately it has been ALL about bodysuit’s and I can’t really complain (other than the times I have to go to the bathroom; all us bodysuit lovers know the struggle). Bodysuit’s are perfect for an everyday casual outfit paired with jeans or for a night out like the one I am displaying in the picture above.

This outfit was super easy to create and has become one of my favorites by far. I chose a black lace up body suit from Express, which was on sale for I believe $15.00 at the time, a super soft grey lace up skirt with two front pockets from that was around $25.00, and a black and silver double chain choker from Urban Outfitters that was $12.00. For shoes you can either choose to wear black over-the-knee boots (mine are Odessa from Steve Madden) or any black heel of your choice (mine are from Steve Madden as well but are not for sale anymore due to the fact that these were passed down to me and were purchased a couple of years ago; thank you Aunt Margo ❤ ). However, I am sure you can find many shoes that are similar to these on the Steve Madden website!

If you do check out I would recommend ordering your items well in advance to the event you are going to wear it to if you have a specific date in mind because they do take a while to ship but it’s worth it in the end! When I ordered the skirt it took about 3 weeks to a month for it to come and I unfortunately couldn’t wear it to the event that I had planned to wear it to because I waited too long to order it 😦

As you can tell this outfit took me less than 10 minutes to piece together and did not put a huge dent in my wallet. Please leave a comment below if you liked this outfit, found this post to be useful, or want to share any of your favorite bodysuit’s with me!




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