Two-Toned Beauty

Is black and red not the BEST combination ever? I purchased this bag 2 years ago and I have not regretted it one bit! This bag is from Steve Madden (of course because I am obsessed with this brand as you can tell from all my posts) and was relatively inexpensive. However, unfortunately they do not have this specific bag on their website anymore but they do have many other options to choose from.

This bag is perfect for you if you are the type of person that basically brings their whole house with them when they go out because this bag can hold everything; often I refer to it as my “Mary Poppins” bag. Not only is it capable of holding almost everything you can imagine, but the colors are amazing as well. Black and red really is my favorite color combination so when I came across this bag I just needed to get it! What’s really cute about this bag is that it comes with a little bag inside of it that is attached by a thin strap so you can put your items that you access often in it so this way you don’t have to go searching for it at the bottom of your bag every single time. I usually put my money, lip gloss or lip stick, credit cards and gum in the bag because those are the items that I tend to use more often than others. This bag also has a very long adjustable strap so it virtually will fit on anyones body, however, since I am so tiny I did have to make my own hole and adjust it to my body frame. Although most people do not want to make their own adjustments and “ruin” the bag, I did not mind at all because it literally took a minute to do and you can’t tell that you did it yourself.

I highly recommend getting handbags from Steve Madden because not only are they super cute and trendy, but they are also very high quality and I guarantee that you will get your moneys worth!



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