Traveling in Style

Happy April everyone!! This past Thursday my boyfriend and I took a trip down to Miami for the weekend. We are having the best time with my older cousin and his wife down here in the sun! If you want to follow me throughout my vacation check out my Instagram @Visualbeauty_ for not only pictures but Instagram stories as well!

This week I would like to share with you my cute and comfy outfit I wore on the plane! When traveling I alway want to look cute (obviously) but the more important thing to me is to be as comfortable as possible. The worst thing to me is being stuck for a long period of time in an uncomfortable outfit! Every single time I travel I wear the same exact type outfit just changing the actual components of it.

My typical travel look is a light sweatshirt with or without a hood, a tank top or loose short sleeve shirt, cropped workout pants, and sneakers. I wear very loose and cropped items because I almost always go to a tropical or hot place and even though it is cold at home, once I land I’m very thankful for the outfit I chose. I wear sneakers because two reasons, the first reason is because when TSA makes you take your shoes off you have socks on (because we all know how disgusting that is) and the second reason is because they are very comfortable since you most likely have to walk a lot.

This past trip I wore my pink and white marbled sweatshirt from Kittenish , a black tank top underneath from Foxy Lady, black cropped workout pants that are super cute because they have mesh at the bottom from Forever 21, and my white and grey Nike sneakers. This look was very easy to create and super cute as well!

V ♥︎ B


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