Carry-On Components

This past weekend my boyfriend and I went down to Miami to visit my older cousin. We had an amazing time and got a chance to meet some really cool people while spending time with my older cousin and his beautiful wife. Since I do travel often I thought it would be a good idea to share with you guys some of my favorite things to pack in my bag that help me get through traveling every time.

In my bag almost every time I pack a selfie stick, headphones, an extra pair of socks, gum, candy, earplugs, Dramamine, a snack, sunglasses, iPad/Computer and their chargers, a phone charger, a good book, small makeup bag, facial wipes, lip balm, hair ties and small hair brush, Purell, and Advil.

I pack gum, earplugs, and Dramamine because I get extremely motion sick and this combination seems to really help me. I have tried everything under the sun from motion sickness patches to the motion sickness wristbands and the only thing that really helps me get through any sort of traveling whether it be in the air or on the ground is Dramamine so if you suffer like I do I would really suggest you trying this out! I also bring Advil because you never know when you might need it and it is always good to have on you at all times.

I pack candy and snacks because lets face it, those tiny bags of chips that the airline gives out does nothing. If you buy some of your favorite items before you board it will pass the time quickly.

I pack a small makeup bag, lip balm, facial wipes, hair ties, small hair brush, Purell, and an extra pair of socks because when you travel in the air for a long period of time your skin gets very worn out. If you bring facial wipes you can run into the bathroom when you land and freshen up so you always look your best. I bring lip balm because my lips get very dry and chapped all the time so regardless where I am I always have it with me. As everyone knows, a crowded confined place (such as a plane) is the best home for lots of germs so by bringing Purell or any other hand sanitizer you are helping yourself stay very healthy for your trip! I am weird and I SKEEVE feet so I bring an extra pair of socks just in case.

For entertainment I always bring a selfie stick, headphones, and either my iPad or my computer depending on where I am traveling to. This past weekend I brought my iPad just for the plane because I knew I was not planning on using my computer for anything. Selfie sticks are always so much fun to bring especially if you are traveling with other people and are planning on doing different activities while on vacation. On my iPad I download a movie or two just incase I get very bored on the plane and I ALWAYS create a great playlist on my phone and bring headphones to pass the time. If you are traveling for a long period of time, entertainment is everything because a 3 hour flight could feel like a 3 day long flight (trust me).

Also some obvious items that you should have on you at all times regardless of where you are going are your license, money, credit cards, keys, and your boarding pass!

If anyone has any other essentials that they would like to share with me please leave a comment below because I am all ears! I hope this really helped anyone who took time to read this because these items really do make it much easier and enjoyable to travel.



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