Zoological Wildlife Foundation 🦁

While I was on vacation in Miami I decided to visit the Zoological Wildlife Foundation. According to their website they are an “organization [that is] dedicated to educating the public about rare and endangered animal species in captivity and in the wild.” This is not a public zoo so the only way you can get education about these animals and interact with many as well is if you book a tour. Each tour is different depending on what experience you are looking for and varies in price as well. The tour we decided to purchase was a cuddle session with a baby Lion. Before getting there we all did not know what to really expect but we were hoping for the best.

Once we arrived they told us a little about lions, since that is the animal we chose, and they continued to tell us what we will be doing during the tour and about the baby Lion that we would be interacting with. Before we did anything we had to sign a waiver that stated the organization was not liable if the animal did anything to us; this freaked us out a little bit but we knew everything was going to be fine!

We started out walking around the grounds a little bit where we saw grown up Lions, Lemurs, hundreds of Beetles, Monkeys, otters, and Camels. There were a lot of other animals that we did not get to see because we didn’t purchase the full tour. My tour consisted of just cuddling with a baby Lion and those animals were around the parking lot.

When we walked into the room the baby Lion was in there already and it was love at first sight. Everyone melted and we immediately fell to the floor to play with him. The Lion was only 4 weeks old and weighed about 10-15  pounds.  His name was Max and he was sooo cuddly. He loved playing, running around, and jumping in our arms.

This truly was a once in a lifetime experience and I highly suggest it to anyone that has a chance to go. If you unfortunately don’t have the opportunity to ever go You can still check out their website and donate money to their organization to keep these beautiful species safe.

For my outfit I chose to wear a white loose tank top from American Eagle, a black bralette from Aerie, ripped jeans from Foxy Lady, and white high-top converse!



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