Summer 2017 Travels

Hi everyone! It has been an AMAZING summer, to say the least, filled with traveling, adventures, memories and (lots of) food and sun. As Summer is coming to an end and school is unfortunately starting back up again I will be focusing more on keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends, experiences, new obsessions and many more! But for now I would like to tell you all about where I have been this summer and where I am planning on going later this year…

To kick off this incredible summer my family and I traveled to Florida in the middle of May to celebrate my mom and my uncle’s 50th birthday by throwing them a surprise party in Fort Lauderdale (I mean 50 doesn’t seem THAT bad, does it?) It was a week filled with happy tears, many laughs, music, and never-ending good food; it truly was a perfect vacation that will be remembered for the rest of my life.



A month later I was lucky enough to go on my first cruise! My boyfriends family invited me to celebrate his sisters sweet 16 on the Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship sailing to Bermuda. It was such a fun and unforgettable trip. My favorite part of the cruise was finally getting to visit Horseshoe Bay and snorkeling in the Bermuda waters for the first time. Everything about this trip was perfect and there is nothing I miss more than that crystal clear blue water and pink sand.

When I finally arrived back home, my parents surprised me with another vacation! They told me that we were leaving the next morning and spending a week down the shore at Ortley Beach in New Jersey for the Forth of July. I couldn’t be more excited and packed my bags faster than ever before! We relaxed, spent endless hours on the beach, ate tons of fried Oreo’s and played arcade games all night with our family friends that came down too. After a week away from my family it was a great to enjoy good food, good company, and to create endless memories.

Now fast forward about a month, a month filled with endless activities and fun, my family and I went upstate to Cooperstown for a baseball tournament my brother was apart of. If any of you have heard of Cooperstown then you will know that it is filled with baseball from left to right. Cooperstown is actually the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame so of course we had to visit. Although this was not a typical vacation that I would have wanted to go on, it turned out to be really fun and I got to check something off my bucket list (always a plus!).


Finally, to end my summer off, my boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to Mystic Conneticut. While we were there we visited the famous Mystic Pizza, went to the Mystic Aquarium, visited the Seaport, and even got to fit in a little shopping at the outlets during the Solar Eclipse. To be totally honest, we did not like Mystic Pizza but really enjoyed the atmosphere of it. The Aquarium was incredible along with the Seaport. The views were beautiful, the people were nice, and the food was amazing! It was a great way to end my summer.



In the future I do have some more trips planned such as Montreal and possibly New Orleans, which you will all hear about when the time comes!

If any of you have visited the same places that I have, please feel free to comment and tell me your experience! Along with that if any of you have visited the places I plan on going to please leave me some recommendations on where to go (or not to go)  while I am there 🙂

I hope you all stayed cool this Summer and enjoyed yourselves! As we welcome the new season, I would love if you grabbed your favorite pumpkin spiced coffee and stayed tuned for more posts in the very near future.



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