Universal Studio’s

This year my family and I decided to spend Christmas Day with the ones we loved in Florida! We decided to celebrate Christmas Eve with some of my family at home and then hop on a plane at 4 a.m. on Christmas Day and meet 3 other families down at Universal Studio’s. I have been to Universal before but that was many many years ago so I didn’t remember much but I did remember that it was so fun so of course we all wanted to go again. In total we were 22 people who went for the week and although that may sound chaotic it was so so fun and there was never a dull moment.

For a week we enjoyed great company, great food, and never ending laughs. We expected it to be super hot but it was actually about 60 degrees. When you go to Florida you automatically wish it to be 90 degrees but when you are walking all over the parks and running on rides you are soooo thankful that it’ s cool out!


Some of our favorite rides were Men in Black, King Kong, Transformers, Jurassic Park, and Revenge of the mummy, and Jimmy Fallons Race Through New York which was soooo amazing. However, our all time favorite was Harry Potter World. If you are a Harry Potter fan then you MUST go visit if you get the chance to. They have created such a realistic world for all the visitors that you actually feel as if you are in the movie! We got to enjoy Butterbeer, Hogwarts, rides, and even experience some of the magic by purchasing an interactive wand! Below I will post some of my favorite pictures from Universal.

Got to try one of the Simpson’s famous donuts.
My brother using the interactive wands!
Trying Butterbeer for the first time- tastes just like butterscotch!!










We were lucky enough to visit Disney World for one day while we were down there as well. Disney has always been my favorite and always reminds me of my cousins and being little again. While we went to Disney World we visited Magic Kingdom where we saw the castle, Epcot where we got to enjoy Soarin’ and delicious Japanese food, and lastly, Hollywood Studios which was super fun to see. Being in Disney just brings such joy to my family and I and even though we just left, we all can not wait to go back in the near future! Below I will include some pictures from that day as well!

Last scene in the ride “It’s A Small World Afterall”


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