Pretty in Purple

While I was on planning my vacation to Montreal, naturally, my mind always was leaning more towards what outfits I was going to bring rather than what I was actually going to experience while on vacation. I knew I had to dress warm during the day, while still looking cute, and I knew that at … More Pretty in Purple

Feeling Blue

$70.00 is all you need to get your hands on this outfit. Not only was this look relatively inexpensive to buy but it also can be worn to many different occasions so you really get your moneys worth! This look consists of a $10.00 baby blue loose strapless top with white detail from Primark, $25.00 … More Feeling Blue

Fall Fashion

This look was one of my favorites this past Fall/Winter. I wore this exact look when I went apple and pumpkin picking with my family, along with a couple of other times where I would change my accessories and my plain shirt so that I wouldn’t copy the outfit exactly. Every time I did wear … More Fall Fashion

Bodysuit Beauty

Lately it has been ALL about bodysuit’s and I can’t really complain (other than the times I have to go to the bathroom; all us bodysuit lovers know the struggle). Bodysuit’s are perfect for an everyday casual outfit paired with jeans or for a night out like the one I am displaying in the picture above. … More Bodysuit Beauty

Winter Chic

I apologize once again for the quality and the background of my picture (snuck into my sister’s room for a quick picture during Christmas Eve) but I thought this outfit was worth it!  For this past Christmas Eve I chose this outfit because I thought it would be perfect for that day. It was cold, … More Winter Chic

Stripes and Roses

One of the biggest trends right now are roses on clothing so naturally I had to join in! Pictured are black jeans from Garage, black heels I bought from Steve Madden, and a Boho style black and white striped shirt with rose details from a boutique in Staten Island called A Very Chic Boutique (if you do not … More Stripes and Roses

First Night Favorite

Everyone knows you wear your least favorite vacation outfit the first night you get there, you know, to get it out of the way before you’re all sun kissed. However, my “least favorite-first night outfit” turned out to be my absolute favorite look. I put together this beautiful look while I was on vacation in … More First Night Favorite

Kittenish Kinda Day

Since my weekly favorites for this week were All Things Jessie I thought it would be a good idea to buy a ticket to the Jessie James Decker popup showroom for her clothing line Kittenish. I attended this event with my cousin and my best friend in Brooklyn, New York. This event was put together … More Kittenish Kinda Day

Sweater Weather

Although winter is not my favorite season, I do love what winter clothing has to offer. This picture (and outfit) is an oldie but a goodie so excuse the filter and the mess behind me! I achieved this very easy everyday look by wearing a tan sweater with lace detail on the sleeves from Garage, a … More Sweater Weather